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[Tue 13/05/08 23:42]
Ylihuomenna Barcelonaan, jeee!
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Kirje [Fri 22/02/08 8:14]
Rakas Henna.

En tiedä miten sanoisin tämän, mutta olet nolla. Luulen, että ymmärsin sen viimein ensimmäinen toukokuuta sillä aikaa kun söit, ja näin sinut istumassa patsaan päällä.

Olen varma, että olet tarpeeksi hävettävä ymmärtämään että olen käynyt sukupuolileikkauksessa.

Lähetän sinulle takaisin sormuksesi, mutta pidän kuvasi muistona.

Haluan, että tiedät, että minä tulen aina muistamaan ystävyytemme.

Haluan rahani takaisin,


OhjeetCollapse )
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A Vision [Tue 08/01/08 15:57]
Last night as I was in my bed quieting my mind to go to sleep, I had a brief, 5-10 second vision of a road in a jungle-like forest. From where I was standing or observing the scene the road continued straigth ahead of me for about 100 metres before turning left. On the right side of the road at the curve was a hut or a small house made of some wood material, possibly palm trees. The roof of the hut was made of some big leaves, like palm branches, the colour of faded yellowish green. On the road I saw a reptile that at first appeared to be a turtle. It was moving towards me, at first slowly, then it disappeared, then reappeared moving faster. This happened again until the animal was right in front of me and I saw it was a lizard the size of a cat or a small dog.

I am eager to see in what form or what teaching this vision of the lizard will manifest to me. I am nearly certain the lizard or the turtle will reappear to me in the near future, because I've had a similar experience of a vision followed by a teaching before.
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Birds [Fri 07/12/07 19:06]
Up on the sky, thousands of birds flying, swimming the airwaves like jellyfish in the sea. Coming together in huge black ball, moving away from each other, the black dissolves to a bigger, grey shape.
They form smaller groups, make loops, fly towards each other again like gangs in a fight. A bird tornado, a bird tunnel, a wave of birds, a big bird of birds. Just before the sunset, they dance a ballet to the day, a nature's symphony played by a feathered orchestra. Above the station, saying their farewells to leaving trains, welcoming arriving ones.
I stand and watch, mesmerised, admiring this show of aviation skills. At this moment time has stopped, just me and the birds in a standstill. I am the audience witnessing this miracle, a joyful play, and the birds are the heroes and heroines of the sky, resisting the wind, moving along with the chilly currents.
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Jokela secondary school shooting in Tuusula, Finland [Wed 07/11/07 21:31]
I heard the news headlines just before six this evening and anxiously waited through the Simpsons and Friends until I finally was able to watch some news coverage on the incident that happened in small southern Finnish town of Tuusula just before noon today.

An 18-year-old young man, about to take his Finnish equivalent of the A-levels this year, shot dead 7 students (two girls, five boys) and the headmaster of Jokela secondary school before shooting himself to head. He is currently in critical condition and being treated in one of the hospitals in Helsinki.

The young man is apparently a keen gun fan. There were several videos on YouTube, posted by the shooter himself, showing him "testing" his gun and posing with the gun. Apparently last night he posted a video/blog entry on internet with details of the planned incident with a title "Jokela high school massacre 07.11.07". (YouTube has since deleted his account.) According to the news sources (Channel Four, BBC, Yle, Iltalehti, Ilta-Sanomat) the videos and blogs the young man posted on Internet were largely describing his hatred towards humanity and the society.

In his "testament" posted in Finnish Internet community IRC-galleria the young man declared the hatred he was filled with, hatred that he claimed to love. He stated he is an existentialist and wishes to take full responsibility of his act, he pleaded his family, friends or the books and films he read or watched to not to be blamed for his action, neither did he want to blame on the games he played. He is clearly an intelligent young man, a well read deep thinker who, had he chosen another path to express his frustration or encourage change in society, could have made a more positive impact in the world. Sadly, now he will only be remembered as a brutal murderer.

This whole incident came as a great shock to me, and undoubtedly to the whole Finnish nation. We are very peace-loving people. This is a unique incident in the history of my country. Even though Finland has the third highest gun ownership, guns are used only in 14% of all homicides. Most violence that happens in Finland is alcohol or drug related and, sadly, domestic.

I wish to express my condolence to the families of both the young gun man and his victims. I am currently burning incence (as I have no candles in the house) as a silent prayer for all those who died in the incident, and have been notified by a Finnish friend to light a candle tomorrow evening 18:00 Finnish time (4pm GMT) for the memory of the victims.

I invite all of you who read this to light a candle with me tomorrow evening at 4pm and state your quiet prayers for the world of tomorrow to be a better place where incidents like this do not happen.
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The Magical Child in Exile [Tue 06/11/07 0:07]
This story is not written by me, but a lady called Carol who posted a link to the story (http://carolom.wordpress.com/2007/01/02/the-magical-child-in-exile/) in a comment to Paulo Coelho's blog. I thought Carol's story is a great reminder of us all about what life should really be about (giving a chance to the magical children inside us all to express themselves). So here goes:

The Magical Child in Exile
Where does the unlimited imagination, the energy creativity & passion of childhood go?

A friend of mine recently had her first baby and spoke joyously about going from working for the ‘evil empire’ to spending every day with her gorgeous little boy and immersing herself in the world of her son’s childhood years.

I began to wonder what is it that constitutes the ‘evil empire’ and why is it that Australia, like many “first world” countries has one of the highest standards of living on the planet yet is seeing the statistics escalate in the areas of youth suicide, mental illness, addiction, depression, stress related sickness, job dissatisfaction and family break downs.
I think it began in a land far and near in a time as long ago as today…..

Once upon a time there was a Magical Child who loved to draw and dance and sing and paint and laugh and play. Some days the Magical Child just twirled and swirled in circles for the sheer pleasure of it all. The Magical Child even had an invisible friend and all the grown ups thought that was very cute …just as cute as when the Magical Child played ‘make believe’ and “I can do and be any thing”.

When the Magical Child was sad….tears flowed

When the Magical Child was happy…laughter cascaded

When the Magical Child was angry there were big yells and sometimes a full-body splat onto the ground….but as soon as the moment was processed…the discordant energy left their body….leaving the cells free to breathe and grow and remain in their healthy natural state….

But by and bye-bye something happened one day

The Magical Child was in the midst of telling one of the grown up’s…. (the groan ups as she later called them)… about a funny little make believe story when the grown up said “Stop being silly….you can’t keep pretending like that…you are a big girl now. “

They had said the same thing to her brother not so long ago. “You are a big boy now…stop crying” The Magical Child was shocked and her shock was accompanied by an unpleasant feeling inside of her tummy that took a long time to go away.

It was a shaming moment …a matter of fact moment that began to alter the course of the Magical Childs life forever. A shaming, conforming moment that would seep into the recesses of the subconscious mind and like a noxious weed, eventually choke the fertile Magic soil as surely as if a nuclear wasted land had been dropped in the new, clear landscape of the Childs mind…

And so it began ….the artist, the story teller, the dancer , the prophet , the mystic all living and breathing through the imagination…The I~magi~nation…. of the Magical Child was told to stop! Be quiet!…Don’t dance on there you’ll fall!…sit down…don’t be silly…stop asking so many questions!!….

On and on the toxic commands continued….all the way through school where the Magical Child was now only permitted to create only between 10 am and 11 am (art lesson)…to tell stories between 2 and 3 on Tuesdays..(English lesson)……creating whilst remaining as motionless as humanly impossible…..”Stop fidgeting”…”Stop day dreaming”…. “Pay attention”…
A~Tension indeed!

Facing the front board, bored inside of a square box , (called a room) where whirling, twirling, playfulness no longer came through the door…….and banned from ever mentioning invisible friends lest you invite the horrors of medication and mislabeling before you have even learnt how to tie your shoes up properly….the Magical Children sought to become what was

expected of them and learn about things beyond the Magical, creative realm.

The Magical Child quickly learnt not to show sadness, anger or confusion and to repress inappropriate eruptions of joy, fear or insecurity in the class room. Making sure instead to h~o~l~d~It~In!! Sit Still! Eyes to the front…STOP whispering, laughing, talking. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Of course eventually the Magical Child stopped completely. A kind of who-I-am-amnesia set in. Forgetting about the art, the magic, the songs, the dances and the stories and instead replaced those Magical currents with learning the things that the teacher insisted was important to their current learning, competing with the other lost Magical Children in the sports yard, in the academic arena and eventually in the work place…if they were able to still function that is. Magical Children are resilient and they are able to forget if it means freedom from the shaming, the naming, the labeling and the ire of the grown ups.

But some succumbed to their true self in spite of them self and sometimes became known as “disruptive”, “troubled learner”, “withdrawn” and other such names that reveal an inability to conform to the lost-Magic around them. So was born the latest generation to enter the ‘evil empire’. A system saturated with lost Magical Children, living unreal lives, not even realising ….real~eyesing…..that who they have become is not who they were meant to be.

Many of the Magical Children, now groan-ups themselves are still h-o-l-d-i-n-g—i-t—-i-n-

After all the word “Evil” is just “Live” backwardly….

It is not surprising many of the once-magical-minds of the inhabitants of the evil empire became choked with the weeds of mental illness, alcoholism, drug dependency, neurosis, psychosis, anger, depression, boredom and frustration, competition and back biting and preoccupation with celebrity lives and drama!

Magical Children are full of pure, free flowing creative energy and energy can not be destroyed….it simply transforms, turning toxic, creating tragic from the magic.

Millions of grown up’s are lost Magical Children in varying degrees of exile thought a few do escape and return to their natural state I hear…

This must be why a nation can be preoccupied reality television and obsessed with the lives of the ‘stars, the gods and goddesses of magic and creativity. A preoccupation with intrigue and adoration, seeing the world of possibility in the magic-mirror of television.
No longer creating and producing their own stories and art and dance, the need for fantasy and magic nevertheless remains ever strong. Indeed when Magical Children in exile see others leading a “magical life”…something within their own self may yearn to return to that place of Magic, creativity and infinite potential for love and connection.

Sadly though the lost story teller may now be churning out reams of tragic-magic, gossip, chaos and unhappy relationships, forever telling their wounded story teller tales to friends and family, occasionally plummeting into the deepest chasms of depression and despair, overwhelmed by the tragedy of an uninspired life. Alas the lost artist might now obsessively clean a clean house or weed a weed less garden seeking to create something of note in their world…processing those ever-flowing creative energies towards their small boxed in life…

Sometimes, at its most insidious, the Magical-Child will succumb to the hyper-high, outrageously creative manic energies …ill-fated to become an uninitiated mystic or master creator of chaos and mayhem.

If it is true that ‘in order to experience heaven one must become ‘like a little child’ then it might well be that the Magical Children no-longer-in-exile, those who have recovered from the amnesia and remembered who I Am will be the ones to show remind us all to begin the wonderful journey back to our true self and to reclaim what was always within….

After all the word reclaim is simply the word miracle in disguise….
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The Bicycle Gang of Piccadilly [Tue 09/10/07 23:10]
Under Piccadilly station
In the dark shadows of the arches
The Warehouse Project
And the glow of five burning cigarettes
Like a group of fireflies
Dressed in black and grey striped hoodies
On bicycles in the cold Mancunian night
They cycle around the city centre
Dreaming of causing a havoc
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Viikonlopun herkutteluhetki. [Sat 10/02/07 20:09]

3 munaa
3 dl valkaisematonta rakeista sokeria (demerara)
3 dl vehnajauhoja
3 rkl kaakaojauhetta
1 tl leivinjauhetta
1 tl ruokasoodaa
1 tl kanelia
1 tl muskottia
1 tl vaniliinisokeria
200 g sulatettua voita
4 muusattua banaania

200-250 g mascarpone-juustoa
yhden sitruunan kuori ja mehu
1/2 dl demerara sokeria

1. Vatkaa munat ja sokeri kovaksi vaahdoksi.
2. Sekoita kuivat aineet keskenaan ja lisaa vahitellen muna-sokerivaahtoon.
3. Lisaa sulatettu voi ja muusattu banaani koko ajan varovasti sekoittaen (liian monen poksahtanueen ilmakuplan tulos on latsahtanyt kakku).
4. Paista uunissa n. 20 min 200 asteessa.
5. Sekoita yhteen raastettu sitruunan kuori, mehu, sokeri ja mascarpone-juusto. Levita jaahtyneelle kakkupohjalle. Nam nam!
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Delicious vegetarian moussaka recipe! [Wed 07/02/07 21:06]
To celebrate my first full month of lacto-ovo-pescarianism (a vegetarian who eats fish), I give you:

Delicious vegetarian moussaka

olive oil
3 aubergines
6-8 potatoes
1 can of chopped tomatoes
1 onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
2,5 dl soya mince
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp chilli powder


4 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
5 dl milk
3 egg yolks

grated cheese

1. Slice aubergines into 1 cm thick slices, slice potatoes 5 mm thick, chop onion finely.

2. Fry aubergines and potato slices until golden brown on both sides. Easier to do in many lots. Put aside on a plate.

3. Fry onion until golden brown. Add chopped tomatoes, some water and soya mince. You can also soak the soya mince beforehand in a cup of water/vegetable stock. Add spices and season and simmer on low heat for 10 min.

4. Melt butter in a small non-stick pan, add flour and stir until golden brown, remove from heat.

5. Beat egg yolks lightly. Add butter and flour and mix carefully. Simmer on low heat. Add milk little by little while mixing slowly and carefully and simmer until thickened. Season with salt and pepper.

6. Layer aubergines, tomato sauce, potatoes and cream sauce in an oven dish. Top with grated cheese and bake in preheated oven (200 degrees) for 30 min.

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I'm a butterfly! [Sat 03/02/07 12:35]
All those years in darkness when I considered myself to be something less, uglier, less capable or somehow worse than I was, I was actually just hibernating like a catepillar that has built a chrysalis around itself and finally breaks out as a beautiful butterfly. Well, my time hibernating has been done, I have liquified most of my old negative beliefs and thoughts and transformed the catepillar into a butterfly now ready to spread its wings to test if they'll carry. I'm not afraid about falling down, for how would I ever dare to take the first step if I was to be afraid of it? Wouldn't I be inclined to fall if the fear of it was all I ever consentrated my energies to?

At sixteen I left my home to move across the country to study in a special college, far away from home. I wasn't afraid but excited. I learned a few lessons, graduated from college, met people who became my friends.

At eighteen I left my home country to move across the sea to work in a foreign country, far away from home, I wasn't afraid but excited. I learned more lessons, gained experience in different jobs and situations, met more people, some of them became my friends, some of them I understood were afraid, so afraid that they only wanted to use others to console their own fears.

I have travelled for a few years now, I have encountered some troublesome situations as well as happy times, I have cried on the phone to many friends and family when I felt lost and lonely, but I've never given up for fear, no matter how many times my mom warned me about anything or painted pictures of the devil on the wall trying to make me return home.

I have lost some, but gained much more than I could ever have wished for: I have learned to cook delicious dishes of many different cuisines, I have lived with people of different ages, cultures, countries and personalities learning tolerance and understanding, I have met a lot of people and made many great friends all over the world, and on top of it all I met a man and fell in love. My journey isn't finished yet, it's just about to start, this has only been the taxi drive to the airport!

So give up your fears and take the first step to do whatever it is that you've always wanted. Go out and smile at strangers, you'll find that some of them will smile back at you and who knows you might find some great people you wouldn't have met staying home watching telly. Book the first flight out of the country to start again, leave all your fears and prejudices behind and smile at the world and it will smile back at you!
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Valoa tunnelin paassa [Thu 01/02/07 23:27]
Kaikki ne vuodet, jolloin kuvittelin olevani jotain vahemman, huonompi, kykenemattomampi tai rumempi kuin olen, kaikki ne yksinaiset itkut pimeissa huoneissa ja komeroissa, kaikki se tuska joka vasymatta jaytaa sisukaluja, kaikki ne masentavat ja negativiiset tunteet ja ajatukset, katkeruus, kateus, ylimielisyys, vahemmyyden tunne, kaikki se paha on vahitellen valunut minusta pois. Sen paikalle ovat tilansa vallanneet Rakkaus ja Valo: rakkaus laheiseen, rakkaus itseeni, rakkaus maailmaan, rakkaus elamaan; valo joka johdattaa pimeassa, valo joka loistaa ylhaalta kun on pudonnut kaivon pohjalle, valo tunnelin paassa houkutellen lahemmas. Sisalla velloo vain mukava lammin tunne, etta kaikki kaantyy hyvin, asiat aina sutviintuu ja ongelmat ratkeaa joskus ihan itsestaan kun vain jaksaa pitaa peukkuja pystyssa ja asenteen positiivisena.

Ihan liian usein (lansimaiset) ihmiset unohtavat kuinka helppoa elama meille loppujen lopuksi onkaan. On katto paan paalle, lammin sanky yosijaksi, ruokaa poydassa ja vatsan kylliksi, puhtaat vaatteet paalle puettavaksi. Materialistinen maailma ja ajattelu vetaa meita koko ajan tiukemmin otteeseensa ja saa meidat uskomaan, etta ylellisyydet, kuten tietokoneet, mp3-soittimet, digitelevisiot ja autot esimerkiksi ovat tarpeellisia jokapaivaista elamaa varten. Samalla yleistyy vaarallinen ajattelutapa, jonka mukaan ihminen on jotenkin huonompi tai koyhempi jos ei omista naita kyseisia yleellisyyksia, joka taas ajaa ihmiset tekemaan tyota hankkiakseen naita elaman "tarpeellisuuksia" ja aiheuttaa toisissa kateutta, mutta ei tuo kenellekaan onnea.

Kuinka moni meista koskaan pysahtyy ajattelemaan kuinka materialismi ajaa ihsmiskuntaa syvemmalle negatiivisen pakkokulutuksen ja masennuksen syovereihin? Kuinka paljon teknologiasta, teollisuudesta ja markkinataloudesta on loppujen lopuksi hyotya koko ihmiskunnan kollektiiviselle hyvinvoinnille, vai ovatko ne itseasiassa syy tahan koko oravanpyoran kiihtymiseen ja ihmiskunnan pahoinvointiin?

Vuosisata sitten ihmiset elivat autuaan tietamattomina teknologiasta, teollisuus opetteli kavelemaan tukevasti eika markkinataloudesta ollut juuri hajuakaan. Ihmiset elivat lahempana luontoa ja keskittyivat elamalle olennaisiin asioihin, kuten hengissa pysymiseen. Kukaan ei kaivannut pleikkaria tai energiajuomia. Toki en voi vaittaa etteiko elaman laatu joissain suhteissa olisi parantunut sadassa vuodessa, laaketieteen ja teknologian kehityksessa on toki puolensa. Mutta jonkin tassa hommassa mattaa pahasti, silla eivatko kaikki fyysiset ja psyykkiset sairaudet, elain- ja kasvilajien sukupuutto, maapallon liikakansoitus ja ylikulutus ole aika luonnotonta planeetalle, joka on tutkijoiden ja tiedemiesten mukaan kukoistanut useamman miljoonan vuoden ajan.

Mista tama kehityksen ylamaki ja ihmiskunnan kollektiivisen hyvinvoinnin alamaki alkoi? Kenen idea oli vaihtotavaran sijasta maksaa kaupoista jalometalleilla ja jalokivilla? Kenen loistoidea oli luoda maailma, jossa ihminen on ihmiselle susi, jossa nopeat syovat, hitaat eivat ja jossa vahvin on aina voittaja? Milloin me heraamme tajuamaan, ettei kulutushysteriasta ole kuin haittaa, etta joukossa on voimaa, etta vasen kasi pesee oikean ja molemmat pesevat kasvot? Milloin voittajana selviytyy koko ihmiskunta eika vain oljyiseksi kiilloitettu stereoidihirviota muistuttava ikuista elamaa himoava "sankari" suoraan plastiikkakirurgin leikkauspoydalta?

Vetoan teihin rakkaat ystavat, varista, koosta, mielipiteista ja filosofiasta riippumatta: unohtakaa ruikutus ja masennus tanaan ja muistakaa kaikkia niita pienia ylellisyysia, jotka ovat meille niin itsestaan selvia mutta joita ilman elama olisi huomattavasti haasteellisempaa. Ajatelkaa asioista positiivisesti, auttakaa lahimmaisia ja kohdelkaa ihmisia niin kuin haluatte etta teita kohdellaan! Pistakaa hyva kiertamaan, kolminkertaistakaa se, tuottakaa hyvaa mielta ja karmaa itsellenne ja ymparoiville ihmisille. Huomenna on uusi paiva, ehkapa silloin paistaa aurinko jos me kaikki niin toivomme, ehkapa silloin maailma nayttaa kauniimmalta ja varikkaammalta jos me kaikki niin toivomme, ehkapa elama tuntuu hyvalta ja jannittavalta!



P.S: oollah, olen viimeinkin ehka tajunnut sen Michael Vinterbottonin kasittamattoman It's All About Love-elokuvan sanoman!
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Spread the word of positive energy! [Mon 22/01/07 20:40]
Comment me on this post and I'll tell you why I like you. Repost this entry in your journal to make others feel loved too!
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[Tue 26/12/06 17:55]
On the twelfth day of Christmas, modesty_blaise sent to me...
Twelve paperbacks drumming
Eleven crows piping
Ten linguistics a-leaping
Nine rats dancing
Eight rainbows a-milking
Seven cats a-swimming
Six paris a-kissing
Five co-o-o-orsets
Four ravens
Three languages
Two kinky boots
...and a finland in a photography.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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Hmm... [Wed 29/11/06 20:22]
List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same.

1. God
2. Fred&George
3. Sean Connery's James Bond
4. Brian of Spaced
5. Heathcliff
6. Jack Sparrow
7. Romeo
8. Theo, Matthew and Isabel of the Dreamers or the Holy Innocents
9. Tyler Durden
10. Count Dracula

Tagging berian, narsu, surusimmu, ge_mig_arsenik and hardtoexplain.

Making butternut squash and sweet potato soup for dinner. I feel a bit poorly, blocked head and pressure. Craving for healthy food!
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Oma koti kullan kallis [Sun 10/09/06 18:22]
Wohoo, I'm going home! Finland, Finland, Finland, the country where I'd like to be... Home of Santa Claus, potato vodka (moonshine), wifecarrying world championship, mosquito killing world championship, air guitar world championship, table drumming world championship, Lapland, more vodka, beer nicknamed "reindeer piss" (refers to the taste...), KKK Supermarkets that sell Mega Pussis and Fanny custard, snow, freezing temperatures (why did I decide to go in November?), darkness, aurora borealis (if I'm lucky), salted liquorice, lakes, the sea, forests, fields, nature... I'm looking forward to it already! And the best bit is my parents don't have a clue yet... I'm not gonna tell them, just show up and see the surprise on their faces, especially as I've already told mum I wouldn't be coming this year.

Silly Finland, here I come!

P.S: I might stop over in Tampere for a few nights if someone will take me. Would be lovely to see Hanna, Nitta, Maria and Emilia and who ever might be lurking about around 15ov or that weekend. Just drop me an email, text or post a comment.
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Sushi heaven [Sat 09/09/06 22:22]
This is what my dinner tonight looked like. No, I didn't eat it all, left some for lunch tomorrow, too. I am proud to say I made it all. Yummy!

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Bankers - what wankers! [Fri 08/09/06 18:49]
I attented a "CEO Roadshow" of the bank I work this morning. It was the biggest load of bullshit I've ever experienced. How on earth did these big footed and headed London City idiots come up with an idea of this tour? Well, it's easy to understand really.This ridiculously flashy presentation took place in Manchester Bridgewater Hall and the bank must have spent a small fortune on hiring the venue as well as commissioning all the media provided (trendy set-up, video clips, semi-celebrity presenter...). I didn't pack a lunch as "light refreshments" were promised. All I got was a cup of shit coffee.

The presentation itself was ludicrous. The corporation's latest English CEO, a big bellied smug-looking banker, whose hand I had the unimaginable pleasure to shake in the end of the event, was almost constantly present on stage preaching of the banks targets in providing better customer service, investing in people and of course making profit, supervising the whole act or just to give his peers a paternal pat in the back after they finished each in turn their parts of the play. Everything was well rehearsed, smooth and extremely superficial.

As an employee I've had the opportunity to post questions for the executive team on the group's intranet for weeks before the presentation. My inital to this was to think of awkward questions about any financial instituion's greedy, unethical and immoral means of making more and more profit, but after serious consideration I rejected this as I have decided to stay in my job until I find a place to study, and such behaviour would surely had gathered some interest to my employment. However, some people had indeed posed questions, and few of them were picked for the live event to be answered, too. The solutions to never-ending questions to the bank sharing its profits with the employees, globalisation of business, concerns on customer service and rewarding people and taking care of the staff were stressed with statements on providing cheaper lending to the bank's staff, increseing offshore banking in order to cut costs, building funkier branches with stress on self service and the importance of saying "thank you". Well here's a thought: how about raising salaries in correlation to profit margins? Surely that would be more fair than the managers getting bonuses for their teams' work. Or why not offer higher savings percentages for loyal customers in branches where you are served by a clerk, a real person in flesh and blood rather than a computer or an automated telephone advisor? How about visiting the actual branches to see what needs improving as surely different branches have different needs and problems as every individual is different. I would like to add equal, but unfortunately the world just isn't equal with fat bankers who probably have never had the opportunity really listen to desperate customers' concerns running free starring roadshows. This man, the fat CEO was the closest thing to David Brent I have ever seen in real life.

What is the point of money, credit, morgage or shares, when interest is only air? We pay billions a year for air! What value do the pieces of paper and metal really hold when there is absolutely no way any country, institution or private sector can posess equal reserves of precious metals to the galactic figures any financial group in the world boasts with in their annual, half-year and quarterly reports? Someone's seriously taking the piss of the whole globe here.
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From miau_mjau [Sun 29/01/06 21:33]
Four jobs you’ve had in your life:Collapse )
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[Sun 29/01/06 21:11]
Hello, hi. I'm in Sweden at my sister's the mo, arrived yesterday. I've already met my two newest relatives, Williaam (18 months) and Felicia (3 months) and they're both adorable, although they're not really exciting or inspiring me to have kids in the next few years. I think D will agree on that.

Also, seeing Finnish tv here, I am very disappointed that NOBODY, not even my mom has bothered to tell me there's a presidential election just happening in Finland, we actually have re-elected our lovely president Tarja Halonen. I have really nothing to comment on that as I have lived abroad for most of her last 6-year period of presidency or what ever the correct term is.

I'm on two-week holiday now. I'll spend my first eight days in Sweden, Stockholm before I'll head off to Germany where I'll tour Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin and the´n finally I'll get back to England and back to my lovely D who I'm already missind very very much. As a matter of fact, I'd much rather be with him now, but seeing this is my first holiday since summer and our New Year in Amsterdam was cancelled after two hours of circling in air I felt I needed a bit of a change of scenery. And absence makes the heart grow stronger.
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From sisli [Tue 10/05/05 20:45]
Pick ONE word from each pair that you think describes me the best & leave it in the comments.
Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you.

* dominant or submissive
* logical or intuitive
* introvert or extrovert
* kinky or vanilla
* cute or sophisticated
* kitten or puppy
* leader or follower
* quiet or talkative
* spontaneous or planned
* teddy bear or porcelain doll
* tequila or vodka
* top or bottom
* tender or rough
* aware or dreamy
* nerd or cool
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